Sponsors and Supporters

The 2019 event relies on some amazing sponsors to help make it happen. Please check them out below! 
Lead Sponsors
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RedLeaf AV LTD
Event Management & Video Production Services
Based in Portishead but working across the UK, RedLeaf manage events from small conferences to large scale festivals. 
RedLeaf also have a video production arm, that provide aerial photography and video to clients across the country. 
Their images around Portishead can often be found on local Facebook groups. 
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Swagelok Bristol

Swagelok Bristol's engineers combine industry and application experience with their expertise and knowledge of Swagelok products and solutions along with global best practice to ensure you achieve optimal results from your processes and applications and operate at peak performance.

We have the resources and expertise to independently evaluate, assess and advise you about the capabilities of your fluid system against a best in class benchmark – providing you with world leading experience, products and innovations to assist you in achieving your operational goals.




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Dataflexnet Limited

Dataflexnet is a leading supplier of financial and travel technology for business. For over 22 years we have helped our clients to grow by creating labour-, time-, and money-saving solutions. We focus on streamlining travel and expense processes, reducing transactional costs and improving our clients' bottom line.
As a business traveller, travel management company or agent, corporate travel manager, financial department, or credit card company, our depth of knowledge and experience in these fields will benefit you. As the travel industry changes, we assist our clients in meeting these new challenges, leveraging our unique technology services, serving three main sectors: travel agents, corporate travel managers and credit card companies. 

We offer an unrivalled suite of products including FLEXUTN (a virtual Card Number generator and management system), Enhanced Data Services and SharePay (a flexible and secure sharing service of payment card details, with beneficiaries, as a method of payment).


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GENeco is an award-winning recycling and renewable energy company, owned by Wessex Water. GENeco is at the heart of Bristol’s emerging circular economy. It treats huge volumes of varied waste from the city and transforms it into useful products. This includes the food waste recycling from all of Bristol’s residents and sewage sludge from over 1 million people. GENeco also helps around 300 regional customers an alternative disposal route to landfill for the disposal of difficult to treat waste. 


From this waste, GENeco produces enough renewably-sourced energy to power over 10,000 homes in the Bristol area, and heavily reduces the environmental impact of local businesses and the community. The by-product of its recycling processes is a nutrient-rich biofertiliser which is used on farms in the region, keeping valuable bio-resources in the local area.