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It was just a few weeks ago, that we started to even think about putting some concrete plans in place to hold Portishead’s first Soapbox Race in over 60 Years. No huge feat – Surely?! Gulp! Having toyed with the idea for a few months, when someone randomly mentioned it on a local Facebook group, it felt like the final sign that we needed, and so, with a deep breath, we took the bull by the horns and delved into organising.

Being spearheaded by my business partner and I, we decided the motivations and key missions were to give something back to the local community, create a super fun day out and the absolute icing - help raise money for a charity that we both felt connection to.

The process started by speaking to the council, making sure they were engaged with the idea, and could help us achieve the end result. Naturally, feeling apprehensive, we approached them with all our crazy ideas, and presented them with results of discussions had over many a lunch. Thankfully, they loved it.

And so, having dipped our toes to test the water, we decided it was time to go in at least ankle deep and see how the very people who we hoped would sign up and get involved would receive it.

That night we built a website, set up a Facebook page & started to get the message out to people. Then the notifications started…….

Within 7 days of launch we had over 60,000 unique visits, an incredible response.

We initially launched our ‘Team Tickets’ onto general sale, offering places for a team of up to 6 people to take part. A quick announcement on the website and we had sold out within 48 hours!

The waiting list is now longer than the amount of places we have, which is fills us with delight that we have taken an idea and turned it into event with so many people wanting to be involved.

Without doubt the chosen location had to be the Esplanade Road in Portishead. Sunday 16th July 2017 is the date we have secured.

Spectator tickets are free so please come along and support us, and our chosen charity, St Peter’s Hospice. All profits made will be donated to this awesome cause.

We are now working on the event daily with some exciting developments, so check back here for more details – we can't wait to share more information with you!

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