Timings & arrival information for race entrants

DRIVERS: Please bookmark this page for your reference.

With the 2017 soapbox race only just around the corner, it's time to let y'all know the schedule for the day and some details about arrival.

Please read on to find out more.


Sunday 16th July 2017

06.00 - Esplanade Road Closed - See here.

09.00 - Team registration and pit lane opens.

10.00 - Driver walk of the course.

11.00 - Practice runs commence.

13.00 - Timed runs commence.

16.30 - Medal ceremony.

Times are subject to change.


Arrival Information:

Teams can arrive from 08.30 on Sunday 16th July. Please arrive to Esplanade Road via the lake grounds. All other routes will be closed. See here.

The pit area is located at the far end of the lake grounds, near the Cafe Lido and outdoor swimming pool.

Upon arrival please park up and walk to race control, which is next to the running hut, opposite the outdoor swimming pool. You will be issued with accreditation, race order and asked to sign the race disclaimer. IMPORTANT: All team members must sign the disclaimer. Please do not come to registration until your whole team is present.

Following registration, you will be able to get yourself set up in the pits. Each team is allocated roughly 1 parking bay. You may wish to bring a small gazebo (3m x 3m max) in case of rain. This is allowed in the pit area however all of your belongings must remain within it's footprint.

Please do not bring motor vehicles in to the pit area. Please park in the spaces before the pit area and push/carry your equipment to the pits.

Driver Walk:

At 10.00am we will ask that all soapbox drivers gather at the finish line. There will be a quick course walk to allow drivers to familiarise themselves with the track before the practice runs commence. We advise that only the driver from each team attends the track walk.

Towing Information:

About 20 minutes before your allocated run time, you will need to be towed to the top of the hill. Please make yourself available for towing at the end of the pit area. It is your responsibility to make sure you are there on time.

The soapboxes will be towed using a tow rope and may have more than one cart towed at a time. The soapboxes will require the driver to be in the cart whilst being towed. Once at the top of the course, there will be space and time for some last minute tinkering with your soapboxes.

Soapbox Runs:

At the start line, there will be a 5m push area where your team are able to give you a helping hand to get going.

You must let go before the end of the push area otherwise your run will be disqualified.

Team members not in the soapbox are able to run behind the cart in case of emergency! If you crash, the timer will still be going, so do everything you can to get the cart across the line (as long as there are no injuries of course).

Practice Run:

Use your practice run as an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the course before you head out on your timed runs. Don't be shy though, you need to know how fast you can go!

Be aware, that before your practice run, the cart will be inspected to make sure that it is safe and adheres to the rules and regulations set out here.

Timed Run:

Two timed runs will take place for each soapbox. The best time recorded for each soapbox will count towards your final place.

Be aware that the cart will be inspected again to make sure that it is safe and adheres to the rules and regulations set out here.

Trophy Ceremony:

We hope you win, but if you don't please stay at the event to celebrate with the winners at the end of the day.

You never know, you might get a surprise at the end and win the best dressed competition!


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