The Portishead SoapBox Race - Our Story.

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

In January 2017, a member of a local Portishead Facebook group asked whether it was feasible to put on a new event in the town. The post was an immediate hit with local residents with many suggestions of what could be put on locally.

Ben Knowles, owner of RedLeaf Event Management who has lived in Portishead his whole life kept a close eye on the post, immediately wanting to be able to help in whatever way he could.

It quickly became apparent that the community in Portishead were keen for a new event in the town and one comment that received a lot of interest was about putting on a SoapBox Race in the town. Ben quickly spoke with his business partner, Sam Garland about the feasibility of putting the event on.

Ben commented, “We have a wealth of experience in putting on events across the UK and Europe. To be able to put on an event on our doorstep was an exciting opportunity and something we were looking forward to getting our teeth in to. To be able to bring another community event to the already thriving events calendar in Portishead was an exciting prospect. The town has a great community experience with some amazing events like The Raft Race and the Portishead Carnival which have been hosted in the town for many years. We certainly had an expectation to meet!”

Ben and Sam were keen to make the event a local com