Started building your SoapBox?

Now that you're all sorted and entered into the race its time for the fun to begin! We just wanted to remind you of a few things whilst you're designing and building your speed machines so we don't have any issues on race day.

SIZE IS IMPORTANT The maximum size allowed on our course is L2400mm x W1500mm with the driver's neck being over 600mm from the course surface. STOPPING AND STARTING All SoapBoxes must be freely powered by gravity & pushing only and include a braking system on two wheels of the same axle. ALL ABOARD Both the driver and passenger in the SoapBox must be pointing in a feet first direction with the drivers seat securely attached to the chassis. SAFETY FIRST Please consider the workload of St. Johns Ambulance in the construction of your SoapBox, no glass or materials that shatter are permitted and we don't want you to impale yourself if you crash.

IT'S A LONG PUSH Please include a towing eye on the front of your SoapBox of M10 size or bigger, its a long way to the top with no engine if you forget!

Read the full rules and regulations here.

Any questions, contact us .

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