It's not you, it's us. We've changed!

For the better we hope!

We have been hard at work alongside Dip Design to bring you our brand spanking new look. We are really excited to announce it and we think it looks pretty snazzy, even if we do say so ourselves!

Why Change?

A massive amount of what we do for the SoapBox Race is about improving on previous events and providing a bigger, better, more entertaining year ahead. Dip Design have produced some fantastic artwork and eye-catching designs which will allow us to integrate the brand into the event for years to come. Hopefully, you'll know who we are!

No way, there's some new clothing as well?

To celebrate the launch of the new brand, we have created some great looking t-shirts and hoodies. They're 100% cotton and printed to the highest quality, our wardrobes are full of them! Click the images below to head to the shop and grab yours now.

There's so much more...

There will be lots of new and exciting things happening over the next few weeks, plans are starting to take shape for this years race and event information will be available soon so please make sure you are following us on social media!


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