Course planning has commenced

As if the LaLa Land / Moonlight episode at the Oscars wasn't enough for one day, we took to the streets (in the pouring rain), to start planning the twists and turns of the Portishead Soapbox 2017 course.

Thankfully in this weather, we only needed to take to one street. Esplanade Road, as this is where the weird, wonderful and slightly wacky (we hope!) soapboxes will be racing down.

Planning has started by working out how we will fit in an ‘Event village’, pit area, start and finish lines, as well as designing an exciting and exhilarating race course.

More details will be revealed in the coming few days, but get ready to expect chicanes, hairpins, kickers and ramps!

The route is about 350m long, winding its way from the top of Esplanade Road to outside the Cafe Lido at the bottom of the hill. Without obstacles, speeds of over 40mph could have been reached!

Still, safety is top of our list, so that everyone from entrants to spectators can enjoy the day knowing all the risky stuff has been taken care of, so we have planned carefully thought out obstacles to keep the speed under control and to also make the course much more challenging. It would be boring if it was too easy, right?

To ensure the above, we have over 1500m of safety barrier on order, we certainly have our work cut out! In light of this, we are pretty certain that we need more than 2 pairs of hands getting the course up together, and are calling out to all those who think they might be able to spare some time, to help us in our endeavour.

If you are reading this, and think you may be able to help – Head to our Become a volunteer link. We would love to hear from you.

As always, thank you to all those who have already signed up for the race, and shown interest and support in Portishead Soapbox 2017, we applaud you.

For good measure, here is Nicole Kidman at the Oscars also applauding. In the one of the most unique, and unusual of ways ;)

Happy Monday.

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