Competitors - Important Arrival Information

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

We can't wait for you to join us for the 2019 SoapBox Race on Sunday 14th July 2019.

Read below to find all the important information you need to know for your arrival and the set up at the event.

Important documents required for race day are all available from the online race portal.

Please ensure that you have the race disclaimer and the parking pass printed in advance of your arrival.

1. Arrive by 08.00. Please arrive at the event as early as you can. Race registration opens at 08.00, so please try and be set up before this.

2. Carefully arrive via Lake Road

If arriving via SAT NAV, please follow postcode BS20 7HZ. From here, please follow the event signage and direction of any marshals as they guide you to the correct place. Please use the map here to arrive at the event safely. This will bring you directly to the pit lane.

3. Upon arrival at the pit lane, please unload your SoapBox in the designated pit area, as well as anything else that you may need throughout the day. Our team will help you get positioned correctly. Gazebos, tables and chairs are all permitted, but must fit within your designated 3m space.

If using gazebos, please ensure that you are able to weight them down as it can be windy here.

4. Please remove your car from the pit lane as soon as possible. Parking is available near the pit lane for one vehicle and a trailer if required. Your parking pass, available from the online team portal, must be displayed in your window. Any other team members arriving in separate vehicles must park in the designated car park.

5. Once set up is complete, please make your way to the race tent.

Signed team disclaimers, which can be found on the online portal must be signed and handed in here. Previous entrants will keep the same race number, new entrants will be assigned a race number. If you wish to know this number in advance, please get in touch. You will be required to attach the supplied race number to your vehicle.

6. Vehicle scrutinising will take place in advance of the first tow to the start line. Please make your cart ready for inspection as soon as possible after race registration. The team will check that the vehicle meets all the rules and regulations. Please do not be offended if they ask you to amend your design. This will be to ensure safe racing.

7. Track Walk. Please ensure that the driver and the team walks the track in advance of the cart runs. This is to give yourself time to understand the course and the obstacles.

8. Once towing begins, our team will guide you from the pit lane to the towing collection area. Please ensure that your tow eye is fitted to the front of the vehicle and easily accessible.

9. Practice run. The first run is a practice run. Please use this to learn the characteristics of the course and your cart. This is your chance to prepare for the timed runs later in the day.

10. Timed runs. You will receive two timed runs in the afternoon. The faster of the two times will be submitted. Good luck!

Thank you, and see you at the start line!

If you have any questions regards this information, please get in touch at


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